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My mother and I work together in her business Willamette Blanket Service; washing and repairing horse blankets is the main service. We get horse blankets that are absolutely filthy. Mud covered with manure and urine in the mix, you get a bunch together and the smell is over welming at times. Other horse blankets sit in a barn for a season and the grime has alot of time to settle into the fabric and stick like glue.
I picked up a package of Prowash and and we tried it one day, first soaked the blankets to loosin the grime with a bit of the detergent and then scrubbed them down. I saw my mom again this weekend and she had two more bottles of Prowash and I said "So the Prowash worked?" And she replied "It is the only detergent has left the blankets really clean and removed the smell." Which is our biggest challenge, I dont think we will ever get all the dirt out, and usually once we get detergent into the fabric its hard to rinse and we can rinse and rinse for a good 10 min and not get all the suds out. But Prowash leaves very little residue, wipes out alot of dirt and works well on the stains.
If it can remove horse sweat, dirt, manure and urine smell it is good as gold. We have tried the others as well as Oxyclean mix, but it doesnt work as well as Prowash. Very happy to found the product. We work really hard to get a clean a horse blanket and want to provide quality service to our customers and this really is great to use.
Thank you!
Carey Walke
Willamette Blanket Service
  "...I love ProWash!!  I'm not kidding, I've been using it in every load (and with 4 kids I do a lot of them)...things are smelling SO much better!!  Thank you so much!!       
   Marianna O’Brian      

Dear PROwash,
    I am the mother and chief laundress of a busy family of five. I want you to know that I love your product, PROwash. My family wears a lot of high tech performance wear. I noticed that when I washed our clothes with my normal laundry detergent they would still smell stinky. Most of the time I would wash them twice. I tried other performance detergents but really didn't like them for different reasons. Then, I found PROwash. My husband and sons went on a Boy Scout trip to Boundary Waters for almost two weeks. Their clothes came back sweaty and damp smelling. I almost threw them away but this type of clothing is expensive. I washed them in PROwash and surprisingly they came out great. They didn't smell bad at all and I only washed them once!
    I thought that was a pretty good test for your product until my daughter recently returned from a three week trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. It's winter down under so the temperatures ranged from the 30's to the 90's. She was only allowed one bag and it was full of high tech wear. When we unloaded her bag, talk about stinky. She had gone to a sulphur springs and the smell had cooked in her bags for the trip home. PROwash took out the smell and saved the clothes.
    My tennis clothes, my husband's workout clothes and my younger son's football clothes all smell great. It makes our clothes look and smell clean, which makes me look good. Activewear is a significant investment for this family and I think PROwash will help these clothes last longer. I also like how you package your product. It doesn't take up so much room in my cabinet and it's nice to be "green". It's rare to find a product that lives up to it's claims.

Janet Thyen


"Thank you for such a great product.  We have a front loading washing machine which is convenient but, tends toward odor build-up.  I started using ProWash to wash our athletic clothes at the advice of a friend and found the scent extremely pleasant and fresh.  I am now using it exclusively for all laundry.  It makes the towels smell great.  It is now a joy to open the washing machine at the end of a cycle and be pleasantly surprised at the fresh smell."

Robie Schuldt, Pittsburgh, PA



Over the past several years the Siena lacrosse uniforms were washed with inexpensive ordinary detergents.  As part of a 2009 performance test Dry Incorporated sent samples to the team to use this spring.  Coach Brecht has"...seen a noticeable difference the past two weeks using the ProWash.  I have used the ProWash detergent on both our home (white) and away jerseys (green), our warm-ups (which has the micro mesh liners), Nike shooting shirts (Under Armour like material) and our game socks."  He has personally experienced the surprising odor eliminating properties of ProWash and the overall cleaning abilities.  "Please feel free to use my name as the Head Coach of Siena College to endorse your product.  I honestly feel your product is very good.  As you know, I do all the teams laundry and the ProWash has been the best I have used."
Brian Brecht


Head Lacrosse Coach Brian Brecht of
Siena College
Albany, NY



I have been the team mom of my sons soccer team for 3 years, and each week, am given the task of washing uniforms.  I've tried every type of detergent from Tide to Sun, and nothing has been able to wash out that smelly odor that comes with each game.  That was until I got my hands on ProWash.  This is the first detergent I have found specifically for uniforms and socks that actually works!  Other products I have used only cover up the smell.  I feel like this product was designed for team moms like me!

Laura W.


I just tried Pro-Wash detergent on a not-so-new, matted fleece zip up jacket. It came out of the dryer looking better than it has in the past two years - I was so pleased! The fleece was fluffy, completely clean and smelled wonderful. It looks great! I was ready to toss this fleece and ended up wearing it out two days later. Thanks.

Lisa S.


I'm a college student who enjoys competing in lacrosse and I'm left with smelly athletic clothes on a daily basis.  I have tried powders and detergents that are supposed to get rid of the stench, but nothing has worked.  Other products smell fine, but this mask is only temporary .  Using ProWash makes my athletic gear fresh and odor-free. Could you send me coupons for this product?

Cooper M.


I'm always weight training and working out at the gym.  I go at least 4 to 5 times a week but only do laundry no more than twice a week.  My workout shirts and shorts are a smelly mess.  I don’t have the time or money to do small loads of laundry everyday.  I started using ProWash yesterday and it worked!  Could you send me a coupon or sample?

Blake H.